Welcome to the Kopimist Church of Idaho’s website, a fork to United States Kopimist Missionary. We are proud to be one of the first state churches in the United States for the belief of Kopimism. We hold legal incorporation in the state of Idaho and our record can be found in the Secretary of State’s office, or online here.

While we are the "Kopimist Church of Idaho", we are not limited to Idahoens and actually have followers of our fork of kopimism elsewhere in the country and likely around the world. Our church focuses on the true spiritual nature of sharing and remixing. To us, it is a very deep and meaningful action to be able to share knoweldge and culture you have with people around the world. You won't see any silly videos or questionable contentent on our site, as we aim to show the world that we are a serious religion.

We have many missionary projects and also run servers which facillitate the practice of our religion. We feel that it is important to do out reach, and help communities and help people practice our faith as well as provide guidence and traditional religious services to our members.

For more information about our church, please visit our about page. If you are interested in becoming a kopimist but still have questions -- feel free to email us at [email protected] and a volunteer will follow up with you about the advantages of being a kopimist.

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